Zhejiang Original Food Co., Ltd.

What do we do?

Natural sausage casings & heparin.

We specialize in natural sausage casings, including:
- salted sheep casings
- salted goat casings
- salted hog casings
Meanwhile we also supply herapin.

Simple. Dedicated.

Safety & Quality

Every little issue counts in the safety of food industry. So we believe, so we act.

Food safety system is always essential to all the food industries. We work strictly under the CIQ's supervision, focusing on the casings materials, plastic accessories, water, salt and every other details.

Moreover, our quality are also assured by stable HR management, constant staffs training, on-the-spot quality control and traceable production system.

Stable. Reliable.
Zhejiang Original Food Co., Ltd.
Zhejiang Original Food Co., Ltd.

More than business

We work in business. But business it not just what we work for.

We are "open" to diverse cooperation, but what we pursue is indeed to get "close" to your partnership and friendship.

While in business, we devote ourselves to supply better products and to offer better service.

Flexible. Reciprocal.

Welcome anytime!

Your friend in China.
Your friend in casings business.

Our working time (GMT +8:00):
Monday - Friday

Tel:          0086 . 572 . 3350178

Email:    sales@casings.com.cn

Timely. Faithful.
Zhejiang Original Food Co., Ltd.